In the Cool Light of Dawn

Cover - cool lightWhen thirteen-year-old Emily Jane MacFarlane is woken by her mother’s screams, she is certain someone has discovered her family’s secret – that they are Drifters, a race of people whose ancestors were genetically modified causing their blood to become a cure-all Elixir for the people of the City.

Her first thought is to save her Ma. When that becomes impossible, she promises to keep her little sister safe.

But her attempts expose her family’s secret to her entire village and Emily Jane is torn away from her sister. She is taken to Area D – the City prison where Drifters have their blood forcefully extracted again and again – where she is set to spend the rest of her life.

But Emily Jane can’t forget her baby sister, and although no one has ever escaped from Area D, she is determined to get out of there and fulfill the promises she made – even if it takes the rest of her life.

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